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The Teal Press Crew

Hailey Villa - Owner / Screen Printer

Talk with Hailey for 3 minutes and you will see why she has risen to become one of the most personable and trusted names of custom screen printing in Fullerton.  Her success story began printing as a passionate hobby over 15 years ago in her garage, pushing squeegees on the "teal press" from which the company gets its name.  She has since graduated from the school of hard knocks but is still working hard to maintain above-industry standards while completely raising the bar in customer experience and creativity when it comes to custom t-shirts. #screenprintinggirl

​Jonathan Schwartz - Screen Printer / Production Manager
A Graphic Design student at Cal State Fullerton and an experienced screen printer with mad talent working with multiple printing processes, including plastisol, discharge, and water based inks.

Mark Zamudio - Shop Manager
Mark is in charge of receiving and inventory, making sure that every job that leaves the shop is quality inspected.

Gianni Pham - Screen Printer